CUETS Master Cards


Automated Teller Machine (ATM)

Enjoy the convenience of 24 hour banking at Osoyoos Credit Union. These machines provide access to your funds on deposit and allow members to conduct a variety of other transactions. The credit union is also connected to a number of networks including Interac, The Exchange, ACCULINK®, Maestro and Cirrus, providing worldwide ATM access. In order to use these machines, all that is required is a MEMBER CARD® debit card and a Personal Identity Number (PIN).

Direct Deposit

Have your pay cheques, pension benefits, and tax refunds etc., deposited directly to your accounts through electronic funds transfer. This means that you won’t have to worry about mail delays. Plus, your money begins earning interest immediately and the funds can be accessed by automatic teller machines. Get your money into your account faster with this practical option.

MemberDirect® Online Services - Internet Banking 

Keep up with computer technology and do your banking in the comfort of your own home, office or wherever your computer is located, at your leisure. Browse through our website, get the balance of your accounts at a glance, manage your bills (add, delete or pay a wide variety of bills, such as credit cards, taxes, etc. You can even pay school tuition online.) Transfer funds between accounts and print your own statement at anytime of the month. All that is required is a Personal Access Code (PAC).

MemberDirect® Mobile Services

You can use your cell phone to do all kinds of things these days—from listening to music, to checking your e-mail, to text messaging with friends. Now with MemberDirect®  Mobile, you can add personal banking to the list. MemberDirect® Mobile Services gives you the ability to view account balances and transactions over a mobile phone simply by sending keyword commands through Short Message Service (SMS) text messaging.

MasterCard® Merchant Services

This program allows merchants to provide a convenience to their customers by accepting payment for goods and services by credit card and Interac direct payment through the use of an electronic terminal. These terminals provide fast approvals for the merchants. Our business members will gain the convenience of having these credits automatically deposited to their business accounts. Inquire about our Business MasterCard® and Business MEMBER CARD debit card.


A card authorization and deposit service for merchants who don’t wish to use an electronic terminal. This service offers an efficient authorization and deposit system all through the convenience of your telephone.

Interac e-Transfers

The simple way to send Canadian Funds directly to another person using your online or mobile banking through MemberDirect online services.