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Government Cheques

The Government of Canada is increasing its use of direct deposit for payments made to Canadians and to Canadian businesses. If, for example, you're an individual receiving a child tax benefit, Old Age Security, Employment Insurance, a GST tax credit or a tax refund. 

You should know that the federal government is phasing out cheques in favour of direct deposit for all government payments. You will therefore need to enroll in direct deposit. Direct Deposit is Convenient - you'll have faster access to your money with no risk of delay. It's Reliable - your payment will always be on time. It's Secure - your money is deposited directly into your account, so there is virtually no risk of your payment being lost or stolen.

With fewer cheques to print and mail, the government will save millions of taxpayer dollars every year. Money that can be reinvested into programs for Canadians.

The Government of Canada will be increasing the use of direct deposit and phasing out cheques by April 2016. But given the benefits, why wait? Enroll today at Direct Deposit (