CUETS Master Cards

Membership / Accounts

Who Can Become a Member? Anyone! Our credit union isn’t restricted to a certain group of people. At Osoyoos Credit Union we welcome anyone who wants the best in financial products and a more personal, friendly approach to professional financial service. As a member/owner of the credit union, you enjoy all the privileges of membership. You are no longer a customer!

How Can I Become a Member? It’s easy. Simply walk into our office and open a membership Equity Share Account (25 shares for regular and business account members; 5 shares for junior members). These shares give you a voice in the credit union. No longer are you just a customer; you become a member/owner with the right to vote on all issues that may affect you. You even have the opportunity to vote for your Board of Directors.

When You Become a Member At Osoyoos Credit Union, we like to simplify banking for our members. That’s why as a member you will be given just one number for all your deposit and loan accounts. With our one membership number/one statement system you will receive our comprehensive statement, giving you the status of all your deposit accounts, loans, mortgages and RRSPs at a glance. Transactions are noted in plain English, allowing you a clear view of your complete financial picture.