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  • *Nomination Packages

    The terms of three Board members will conclude immediately following your Credit Union’s Annual General Meeting this April.  

    The Nomination Committee of Osoyoos Credit Union has been appointed to receive and place the names of qualified members in nomination. The Committee will accept nominations up to the time a motion from the floor at the Annual General Meeting is made to close nominations.

    Nomination Packages will be available here and at the reception desk in the branch soon.

  • *OSS Drama Club Presents...

    Beauty and the Beast

  • Government Cheques

    The Government of Canada is increasing its use of direct deposit for payments made to Canadians and to Canadian businesses. If, for example, you're an individual receiving a child tax benefit, Old Age Security, Employment Insurance, a GST tax credit or a tax refund. 

  • Term Deposit Notices

    As of September 1st, Osoyoos Credit Union will no longer be mailing out Term Deposit Notices. You can access information about your Term Deposits, as well as all your accounts, through MemberDirect Online Banking. MemberDirect’s secure login process has very strong encryption which provides you with safe online access to all of your accounts.


    For more information about MemberDirect Online Banking and how you can access your account information, please contact the branch and speak to one of our expert staff.

  • U.S. Exchange - We buy US at 1.3146 We sell US at: 1.3596


  • Prime Rate

    3.00% *Rates are subject to change without notice.

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BC Training and Education Savings Grant

All B.C. children with an RESP and born on or after January 1, 2007 will be entitled to receive the BC Training and Education Savings Grant. When a B.C. resident child turns six years old, the Province of British Columbia will put $1,200 into the child’s Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP).

Here’s what B.C. families need to do:

Open an RESP account at your financial institution before the child turns seven years old (or by February 28, 2014 for children born in January or February 2007). No matching or additional contributions are required!

You can read the full article at;