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  • 'Community Giving Fund

    Osoyoos Credit Union's Community Giving Fund supports local non-profit organizations and community groups with projects and initiatives that contribute to economic revitalization and improved quality of life, while breaking down barriers i

  • *OCU 2016 Financial Statement

    To download our 2016 Financial Statements click HERE.

  • Government Cheques

    The Government of Canada is increasing its use of direct deposit for payments made to Canadians and to Canadian businesses. If, for example, you're an individual receiving a child tax benefit, Old Age Security, Employment Insurance, a GST tax credit or a tax refund. 

  • OCU Wealth Management

    Our Wealth Management team is growing. Meet Ryan and Herman.

  • Term Deposit Notices

    As of September 1st, Osoyoos Credit Union will no longer be mailing out Term Deposit Notices. You can access information about your Term Deposits, as well as all your accounts, through MemberDirect Online Banking. MemberDirect’s secure login process has very strong encryption which provides you with safe online access to all of your accounts.


    For more information about MemberDirect Online Banking and how you can access your account information, please contact the branch and speak to one of our expert staff.

  • U.S. Exchange - We buy US at 1.2137 We sell US at: 1.2589


  • Prime Rate

    3.20% *Rates are subject to change without notice.

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